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Kite Dance Studio is a beautiful venue for dance practices located in the heart of the city near Roxas Street Davao.

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We have a wealth of exposure and experience as professionals in the dance industry and are most happy and willing to pass on our knowledge, expertise, and artistry to the next generation of dancers.
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Harlene Busia
Founder & Manager

Alvin Ramos

Persius Balbequer
Artistic Director

Charina Tan

OurHistory & BackgroundFrom the Ground UpEST. 2014

 KITE Dance Studio was formed by Harlene Busia in 2014 after a 9-year association with Mindanao Dance Artist Academy, as a fulfillment of her aspiration to encourage and motivate dance artists to learn and enjoy the art of dance through various styles and levels of instruction. The organization has grown from her passion for dance and her desire to reveal and celebrate movement as a language in its own right.

“Keep Influencing Through Entertainment”


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The studio aims to create unique dance works, presents public performances and offers educational experiences in dance that develop physical, social skills, creativity, artistry, and cultural understanding. We create, perform, and educate in ways that entertain, enlighten and enrich the lives of our audience and participants.



  • Foster the creative development and facilitate the choreographic expression of the company members.
  • Deliver positive, affirming and life-enriching experiences to audiences, through the medium of dance and movement.
  • Develop new dance fans by creating works of extraordinary artistry that engage and motivate audiences.
  • Provide education and programs for dance at all levels of artistic experience, through studio showcases and annual recitals. Collaborate with other progressive artists to commission theatrical scores of vibrant and multidimensional dance productions.