Not too Old to Dance – I’m 65!

I started out dancing when I was 58 years old with the goal that when I hit 60 I don’t want to look old and.  I was introduced by Randy Cortez to MDAA (mother studio of KITE) to have our dance lessons there. We are constantly having our dance class at KITE Dance Studio until now. I immediately felt at home with the young and friendly students and it finally became my second home.

They embraced me as if I’m of the same age, no wonder I feel young and even adopted their “lingo”. Seven years passed and my dancing made me more confident, I used to be on the heavy side.  My first recital was a no show for me, but later due to the prodding of prodding of the prodding of my trainer and some students, I did join three summer recitals so far. My biggest achievement so far was winning the gold last august  9, 2015 at Wanchai, Hongkong on the 23rd Come Dancing Competition at out category senior a 3 dance category.  We were also awarded most outstanding athlete for 2016 by the So Kim Cheng under the Davao City sports council. Last year we bagged the bronze for the basic rumba and chachacha still in Wanchai Hongkong, not bad for a 65-year-old woman who never dreamed of achieving this.


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