Why We Love Dance Studio – (And You Should, Too!)

I love dancing since I was 5 years old. I had been a performer from elementary until high school. During my fourth year days which was the turning point of deciding what course I will take in college, I was puzzled what to enroll that fits my capacity, capability and of course its affordability.

One day, I talked with my best friend asking advice and words of wisdom that will help me realize what career path I will choose. I told her “ if there will be a dance course about Dancing, that would probably be the course that I will take”. Out of financial budget, I took advantage of the full scholarship that offers the limited course, so I ended up as a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education student, holding thought that “I might love this along with the way and will find myself embracing this profession ”. During college days, I joined dance group for me to improve my dancing skills. I was trained in a creepy haunted-house-like dance studio, but its creepiness did not stop me from learning more in dancing. Having been connected with performers, I was directed to a bigger and more competitive Dance Studio, the Mindanao Dance Artist Academy ( the mother studio of KITE). I and my best friend went there to audition, and yes, I was chosen to be one of their scholars.

I cannot forget what exactly I felt during the time that I first stepped on the dance floor. I felt butterfly joyfully flying inside my stomach and I cannot contain my feelings, my heart beats so fast, my mind was flying over the rainbow and my soul was wandering in the garden. It brought me to my first love, dancing. Being a dance scholar was never an easy task, it was like a hell playing with angels. I have to mop the floor, clean the comfort rooms, arrange the office files, took over my bosses’ responsibilities and all other a maid could do and yet feeling happy of doing so because I was holding the thought that this dance studio will help and push me to become a great dancer and a total performer. Being a newbie in the field of well-trained dancers, strict dance classes with high standard dance techniques was never ever easy to someone who does not have a background on dance techniques just like me. As the result, I felt like I was tortured by 10 people every after dance class. I can’t walk straight and can’t even stand the next day. Fortunately, because of my perseverance to really improve my skills in dancing into a professional level, I finished my two-year course in dancing, holding the title “Professional Dance Artist”. I know I will never reach my dream without the pains I felt inside that four corners and that hell-like dance floor of the studio. Really, “No pain, No gain”.

Now, since that I am savoring and embracing my dreams and actually making a living out of it, I want to also help those talented young ones who needs support for training and make a huge room for improvement in their passion which is dancing. I decided to spend my time, money and effort to make my own dance studio, the KITE Dance Studio. Currently, I’m handling 15 scholars which are being trained thrice a week for free. It is my time to pay back all the goodness that my beloved dance studio before have given me and helped me to become who I am now and, of course, to use my talent and skills to entertain people and make the Lord proud for using my borrowed talent to become useful and fruitful one. Again, it was never an easy road to take all the responsibilities being engaged in a dance studio. It tripled the suffering that I felt now having my own dance studio than just being a scholar. Before, all I have to do is to dance, clean and follow the mandates of my superiors. But now, I have to carry all the baggage from decision making in running this business down to KITE dancers personal problem. I have to heal not just my dance studio’s wound but also my scholars’ wound. That painstaking agony inside me was being vanished every time I see my scholars perform on stage, hearing the loud clap and the wooing of the crowd. It wiped out my tears inside which is being replaced with my glittering smile. If only people understand what’s behind and what a Dance Studio can offer, despite its ups and downs, they will appreciate the brilliance of how it molds people and turn them into closer-to-perfection total performers.

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