AMBOT – A Contemporary Show That Highlights The Importance Of The Unknown.

Martha Graham once said, great dancers are not great because of their techniques. They are great because of their passion. Thus, KITE Dance Studio took passion to dancing to a whole new level on the night of the 30th of September.

To describe that night’s  performance as awesome was simply an understatement. Thanks to KITE’s Artistic Director, Mr. Joey “Jet” Toledo, who redefined the meaning of contemporary dance show that night. “AMBOT” (I don’t know) depicted the importance of the unknown. Confused and uncertain with life’s ambiguity, this theatrical prowess answered questions that only body language can with no equivalent word even – AMBOT. Joey Toledo conceptualized AMBOT to encourage people to dance no matter what, even you do not know, even you are afraid, just DANCE! That’s why his motto is “ if you want to dance, then dance. No matter what you do, and no matter what they say”.

The show did not present dance techniques, however, it showcases dances that are beyond what human mind can imagine. The output was based on the daily life routine tailored with unique movements infused with exotic self-expression disciplined by rhythm. AMBOT is an experiment dance. It was a combination of all dance genre to create new movement that even the performers did not know that they could do. That’s why is it called, AMBOT!

And while it came as no surprise that KITE has produced immensely talented performers,  and inspired their audiences, the success of the event partly came from the fact that their superb rendition was a by product of dedication and love for their craft.

As KITE Dance Studio will continue to live its vision of creating unique dance works to its students, you may visit them at the 2nd Level of Dover Gym, Jacinto Street, Davao City. You may call them at 305-2674 or at 0949-6962765.  They can be reached through their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook @KITE Dance Studio or their website

Be with the best. Dance and fly with KITE. Express your emotions through dance, whatever you feel, no matter what they say.

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